When it comes to South African earnings tax laws, South African tax residents and non-South African tax residents are taxed in another way, as is the case in nearly each nation around the globe. A South African tax resident is taxed in South Africa, by SARS, on its worldwide earnings, no matter the place the earnings originates from or the supply of the earnings. 

A non-South African tax resident alternatively, is barely taxed in South Africa on the earnings that they earn from a South African supply. For instance, Barry is a French tax resident. He invested cash right into a South African checking account and earns curiosity on his funding within the South African checking account. Though Barry doesn’t reside in South Africa and he’s not a South African tax resident, he can be required to declare this earnings on an earnings tax return to SARS and pay tax thereon. He’ll nevertheless be allowed the annual curiosity exemption, which is R23 800 for a person beneath 65 years outdated and R34 500 for people above 65 years outdated. No matter earnings Barry earns from a non-South African supply although, is not going to be taxed in South Africa and Barry needn’t declare it in South Africa. 

A South African tax resident alternatively, can be required to declare curiosity earnings on his/her earnings tax return whether or not it’s earned from a South African checking account, a French checking account, or wherever on the planet the checking account is. This can be a results of the earnings tax laws in South Africa that enables for SARS to tax South African residents on their worldwide earnings.  

The identical rule applies to immovable property, the place a property is located inside South Africa, it has a South African supply and thus if that immovable property is disposed of, there can be tax payable to SARS, whether or not the vendor is a South African resident or a non-South African resident. If the vendor of the immovable property is a non-South African resident, there can be an quantity of tax withheld type the promoting value, often known as a withholding tax, which is taken into account to be a pre-payment of the capital features tax that may ultimately be due and payable by the non-resident taxpayer. 

It is very important notice that taxpayers working in two or extra jurisdictions are ruled by double tax agreements between international locations. A double tax settlement is the place the 2 international locations have agreed on who can have the taxing rights over a sure supply of earnings earned by a taxpayer. It’s due to this fact all the time vital to think about first a double tax settlement, if there’s a taxpayer who falls inside a couple of tax jurisdiction. If there’s in actual fact no double tax settlement, each jurisdictions tax laws could apply to the earnings earned by the taxpayer.  

Take notice that tax residency is an advanced matter and is set out of your abnormal residence and your bodily presence in South Africa. It’s due to this fact advisable to not make any assumptions when contemplating your tax residency standing however as an alternative seek the advice of with an skilled tax advisor. 

Willem Oberholzer is government director and Jade Els MCom Tax is a tax adviser at Probity Advisory.

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