We ask financial planner Warren Ingram to help get our tax ducks in a row.

Death and taxes.

We must pay tax – every single cent that is due.

But we must make sure we don’t pay more than is due.

There are a few key things to do to maximise your savings while reducing your tax and a few good ideas.

The first one is a tax free savings account – we’re allowed 33-thousand a year.

That’s a great contribution to make to your savings.

Warren Ingram, financial adviser, wealth planner

It’s hard to be rational and calm about the proposals about government wanting a percentage of pension funds.

The horror stories I’m hearing is people pulling out of their funds because they’re convinced it’s going to be implemented.

But a retirement fund is still a way to get a nice big tax break.

Warren Ingram, financial adviser, wealth planner

LIsten to the full sound clip with more advice on tax free savings, unit trusts and share investments, below.

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