BAGHDAD, Aug. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Qi Card, the leading electronic payment solution and national debit/credit card of Iraq, is giving consumers the ability to personalize the appearance of their prepaid Mastercard with Ekhtiyari Card. Ekhtiyari Card offers the same safety and security features of Qi Card, including 3D Secure.

“Ekhtiyari boasts the same safety, convenience and state-of-the-art crime fighting technology as Qi Card,” said Bahaa Al-Hadi, chairman and founder of International Smart Card, the company that owns and operates Qi Card. “Iraqis can continue to safely receive and spend money while enjoying this new form of self-expression.”

Ekhtiyari functions exactly like the original Mastercard Qi Card:

  • Consumers holding the new Ekhtiyari card may refill cards from any of the 17,000 point-of-sale kiosks available throughout the country, or at their nearest bank branch.
  • Money transfers may be executed with Qi Card’s in-app money transfer service.
  • Ekhtiyari card holders enjoy the same frictionless, secure purchasing power from thousands of vendors both online and in-store.

Customizing the new Ekhtiyari Card is easy and safe. Upon accessing their secure portal, consumers will be prompted to upload a preferred photo to their portal or select a stock photo from the Ekhtiyari photo gallery. Consumers will then follow the same process established for securing a Mastercard Qi Card. The new Ekhtiyari card costs 25,000 Iraqi dinars, which is due upon delivery.

“Built on the successful Qi Card program platform, the Ekhtiyari Card is designed for consumers to personalize their shopping and banking experience even further,” continued Bahaa Al-Hadi. “Like Qi Card, Ekhtiyari Card brings high standards of ethical financial practices into the Iraqi financial system and makes banking for Iraqi Citizens’ easier, safer and more secure.”

To learn more about Ekhtiyari Card visit https://aam.qi.iq.

About Qi Card

Qi Card is the leading electronic payment services solution in Iraq, which employs biometric identity as the cardholder verification method. Qi Card is operated and managed by International Smart Card “ISC.” With its State Bank partners, Al-Rafidain and Al-Rashed, it has completed domiciliation of more than 7M citizens with its multi-biometric payment scheme. In just over 18 months, ISC was able to disburse 5T IQD in loans to over 800,000 Iraqi citizens. To date, ISC has an ecosystem of 17,000 POS and more than 6,000 merchants using the Qi scheme to provide instant merchant funded installment and other commercial activities. ISC issues and acquires payment cards on behalf of fourteen affiliated banks in Iraq. Through its membership in Mastercard, ISC has now issued more than 1.8M Mastercards and is now the largest Mastercard provider in Iraq.


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