Q: My granddaughter hopes to return to review in school in Eire in two years’ time. She was born in Jersey, Channel Islands and has an Irish passport. Is she entitled to free training right here? Nora, Co Galway

ue to the monetary disaster of 2007 and 2008, and the ensuing improve in emigration from Eire, a major variety of Irish youngsters aged six or seven on the time of emigrating could be of university-going age now. Plenty of these households would have emigrated to the likes of Canada, Australia, or New Zealand. These youngsters can return to Eire to review in college, however the training won’t be free – the payment can be on the non-resident price.

There are three classes of standards to avail of free training. The primary is residence, the second is nationality and immigration standing and the third is course necessities. In relation to residence, you could have been residing in an EEA (European Financial Space) member state or Switzerland for a minimum of three of the 5 years earlier than beginning your course. The members of the EEA are the member states of the EU, together with Iceland, Norway, and Liechtenstein

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