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 Leaf Secure was founded by the need to offer Professional, transparent and secure services. With dedicated staff based in New Zealand & South Africa, Leaf Secure began by providing a safe and reliable money transfer service through its expert partner network.

By implementing new technology and continuously improving its systems and user experience the business grew rapidly and continues to show an upward trajectory. We continuously add new services, and our Global network does not stop growing.

Why choose us?

Selecting a partner to manage your money transfers and policy administration in South Africa is an important decision. We know that every client has an individual set of circumstances surrounding their finances, which is why we develop a tailored solution, tailored specifically to your situation.

To this end, we offer a full suite of financial services for South Africans, all of which add up to ensure optimal payouts over a shorter period than other providers, and with better exchange rates than commercial banks. All services are all fully compliant.


Tailored | Premium

  • Speed: utilizing our services and technology could mean you’ll have your money faster.
  • Cost: we don't request any upfront payment and offer real low rates.
  • Compliance: All our providers are licensed financial services provider and SARB approved foreign exchange intermediaries.
  • Expertise: Our team of providers includes certified international financial planners, lawyers, chartered accountants, tax specialists and bankers providing expertise in all areas of cross-border finance.
  • Confidentiality: Your personal and financial information remains private and is protected by our strictest security measures.
  • Convenience: All of our services can be rendered remotely and we take care of the whole process, providing you with signature-ready, completed documentation.
  • Value: We provide highly competitive exchange rates especially compared to the banks, and expert advice.
  • Efficiency: We boast a great success rate.


We will assist you in unlocking and transferring your funds globally. If you’re interested in our services or require additional information, just leave your details and one of the team will call you!

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