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Status Summary

Leaf Secure Ltd, will request all your active and valid policy details from the company in South Africa. This can only be done once a consent form was signed and returned by the client.

Status Analysis

Once Leaf Secure's team receive all the information back, we will do an analysis of the current standing as well as a Tax status update with SARS.


Leaf Secure will engage the client for a transparent discussion in terms of available options as derived from the information received. 


Accept and Continue

Whether you are aware of it or not, this has to be done one way or another.

Accept current status.

At the end of the discussion with a Leaf Secure representative, the client still has the option to withdraw from proceeding or further engage us to continue. At this stage, there has been no cost to the client. 

Pricing Methodology.

Leaf Secure is in the business of assisting its clients in the strenuous and constrained tasks of financial emigration and this process is ladened with paperwork, follow-ups, and bureaucracy. For all this, we ask a fair, reasonable and market-related fee.

This fee will be disclosed as transparent and fair as reasonably possible.

Accpeting and Continue.

Leaf Secure will request the client to sign all formal documentation to allow us to continue with the process. These documents include but will not be limited to - Consent, Declaration, Acceptance and mandate. 

Once all documentation is signed and returned, Leaf Secure will continue with the process as discussed and agreed. 


Applying solutions

Think like a doctor. You wouldn't be happy if your doctor gave you stomach medicine for a heart condition.

Initiate process

Leaf Secure will start the process of completing all the relevant documentation with the supplied information and where required the help of the client. 

We will open all relevant communication channels with brokers, banks and SARS, to get the process underway. 

Back Office Processes

Financial Emigration could be a time-consuming process, but fortunately, we have real experts and experienced staff and providers who ensure it is done correctly the first time. 

We deal with everything in the background and keep the client updated along the way. We would like to make this as less stressful as possible. 


Once all the processes have been completed the final documentation will be prepared. 

All funds will be transferred into the clients "block account" held at Mercantile Bank, in South Africa. 

Leaf Secure will then monitor the forex market to find the best possible exchange rate and book a transfer deal on the client's request and approval of a rate.

The exchange rate we offer is usually better than that of the commercial banks and in most cases, we charge no admin fee on the transfer. 

Depending on where in the world we transfer your funds, it should be available in 3 - 5 business days, in your own account. 

Leaf Secure does not transfer any funds into any of our accounts, all your money goes to your account and in your name.  


Strategy and Planning

We develop a financial emigration strategy which will best suit your situation and circumstances, we understand there is no once size fits all.

Finance and Restructuring

Once you and your funds are in New Zealand, we can offer additional assistance through our partner network.


Leaf Secure can introduce you to local experts, specializing in home loans and asset finance.

Insurance Short
& Long Term.

Let us introduce you to our Insurance specialists, so they can immediately assist with your insurance requirements.

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